Coaching That Leads You To Truly Limitless Success!

Wayne Dharana, Limitless Mind Strategist

Like A Coach. Only, On Steroids.

If you want to change your life, you need to change your mind-set. If you want to get different results, you need to take different action. But, what? And, how? That is where Wayne comes in.

Wayne Dharana is a fully certified clinical hypnotherapist, Master Practiononer in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Coach & successful entrepreneur & business owner.  If you're looking for RAPID change, and the most direct route to success: you've found it.

The Core Philosopgy of 'Limitless Living' is:

"Anyone can achieve ANYTHING with the right mindset, beliefs  & systems"

Wayne has a very unique approach, and style of working, thanks to his ecclectic background, and experiences.

Born in the U.K and Starting at 18, working within theatre and performance for several years, before setting up his first online business (a marketing & Design firm) wayne offers 'Coaching with a Bang'. Whilst only 28, he knows the pitfalls, and he knows the keys to unlocking a limitless living mindset.

Having travelled around the Europ (and the world) working, consulting and expanding his own life experience he has the advantage of of seeing success, happiness, and abundance from many different angles- whether 'success' from the the view of a 'guru' in a cave in  India, or a business tycoon in New York. Whether it's happiness from the angle of chai wallah on the streets of Delhi... or from the angle of  Internet Entrepreneur in London.

Wayne's uncanny ability to strip away and destroy the beliefs that hold you back, whilst helping setting up the life-systems to lead you to success allow you to cut out the learning curve, and LIVE Big.

The Limitless System

1: Destroy Past Limitations

Using Powerful 'Rapid Results Hypnosis' and limitless living coaching strategies we first pinpoint your life & business goald, before removing the self doubts, anxietys, fears and belifs that are holding you back from success.

2. Build Limitless New Beliefs

Second, we utlilise powerful hypnotic reprogramming, and coaching strategies to program your mind for success. This is laying the foundations. The  foundations of confidence, will power, motivation, laser focus, Self belief...

3.Implement The Systems

Finally, we set up the 'Life Systems' that lead you to success. The Strategies & Rituals that allow for stealth-like focus, rocket fueled momentum, optimum performance and systems that allow for  the 'Limitless' experience of life.

What Our Clients Say

"I feel so much happier! I've lost 12lbs, I feel more confident in myself, I feel more confident in my business, I'm speaking to more people about my business.. I've recruited my first team member.In 6 weeks everything has changed! I even need my wedding dress bringing in now- which is an amazing feeling!"

Marion C - VIP Program Client

"I've been struggling with alcohol, as well as habbit of biting my nails, and thinkinng anxious thougts for 30+ years. Working in sales, this was holding me back. Working with Wayne has not only totally tranformed the way I think.. but it has totally changed my habits and put me in control. My whole outlook on life has changed thanks to Wayne"

Jason G , Limitless Living Client

Why Should You Get In Touch?

Me and my team at 'Limitless Living' are different. If you just want an ordinary 'life coach' then this probably isn't for you. But if you want high end, RAPID change &  RAPID success then this is for you.

We know that everyone is unique, and has their own goals, and visions, and measures of success BUT we also know that there are set systems, strategies and apporaches that are uniform that lead to permenent transformation.Our goal is to take you from where you are now, to being a  BIG player in life,  in as little time as possible. If you win, then we win.

 If you want a coach that totally radicalizes your approach to life and business...a coach that can help you remove your limiting beliefs, and fears in just minutes.. a coach that can lay out the map AND make sure you stick to the path- Get in touch!

Ready to Transform? Book A Strategy Call!

If you like what you've read so far, then perhaps you're a good fit for The Limitless Living Program. If you're driven, focussed, and determined to smash your goals, and start living a limitless life then click the button below to arrange a free Strategy Call with Wayne. This is upto 60 minutes, where we can discuss where you're at, where you want to be, and see if your're a good fit for playing BIG at life.! If so... We'll get you started!